Restore Honest Elections

  • Restore Honest Elections!
    • The RINO-led legislature, combined with the Democrats to stop AR18, the articles of impeachment filed against Meagan Wolfe, from having a vote on the floor of the assembly (AR18). Meagan Wolfe has repeatedly been found by courts to have failed to follow Wisconsin Election law (such as her action to set up the drop boxes in the 2020 election). Duane’s opponent, Kevin Petersen opposed AR18.
    • We oppose the Monday Count Bill (AB567), which passed the Assembly, but the Senate failed to vote on it (so it hasn’t fortunately become law). Kevin Petersen and Robin Vos are strong supporters of this bill. It is important to do all the counting on election day, to insure full security with poll watchers for all of the counting.
    • We do need to ban the use of voting machines that have an internet capability in Wisconsin to avoid the ability of hackers to impact counts. Also any voting machine uses should have paper backup to them.
    • Legislation should be passed to outlaw drop boxes for absentee ballots.

Trust - Honesty - Transparency

I stand with President Donald Trump on his America First Agenda!

Our primary opponent, Kevin Petersen, has failed to endorse Donald Trump for President.


Duane has the full endorsement of Pro-Life Wisconsin! Duane believes that every life is important, and opposes abortion at any stage of gestation.

Protect Wisconsin’s Farmlands and Timberlands from being sold to Adversary Nation’s and their surrogates!

Duane supports AB269 which would have banned communist China (or other adversary nations) from buying our farm and timberlands. The Assembly leadership has failed to move this bill forward for a vote.

Duane opposes AB 470

This is a bill that was lobbied hard to pass by the utility company lobby for our state. It would give the right of first refusal on new power generations to only existing companies.

Restore Honest Elections!

Legislation should be passed to outlaw drop boxes for absentee ballots.

No Boys in Girls Sports

Wisconsin needs legislation that matches 23 other states that have banned biological males from playing in females sports.

Defend and Protect the Right to Bear Arms.

Wisconsin needs to pass a “Constitutional Carry.” The Second Amendment was never meant to be something that required a permit in order to be covered by it. Duane is a staunch defender of our 2nd Amendment.

Repeal the Wedding Barn Ban Bill

Kevin Petersen and Robin Vos supported this bill heavily lobbied for by the Tavern League of Wisconsin.